It’s what you make it.

It's what you make it.

Michael kors shirt

H&M low jeans
$31 –

Heeled sandals
$37 –

Ray-Ban black sunglasses
$195 –

Marc Jacobs daisy perfume


My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Rimmel matte face powder
$6.06 –

COVERGIRL volumizing mascara
$10 –

NYX matte makeup

NYX makeup

Maybelline face makeup
$26 –

Eyeko eyelash curler
$16 –

My Makeup Routine

My Makeup Routine

Korres lip treatment
$12 –

POP concealer
$20 –

Covergirl eye makeup
$10 –

Maybelline foundation
$26 –

Eyeko eyelash curler
$16 –

L Oréal Paris rose blush
$20 –

Rimmel face powder
$6.09 –

Autumn In The Lanes

Polyvore is a site where you can make your own outfits to see how they would look. If you want to try something new you could easily put it together in an outfit to see how it turns out. So come and see how I put outfits together and how I make them work at 
Fall In The Lanes

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Nails By ESSIE

When it comes to me painting my nails it’s usually very horrifying and I rarely do them because I usually mess them up! With some nail polishes you usually have to put three to four coats and they chip after the second day but with the ESSIE nail polishes you only have to put up to two coats, they last up to a week, and they turn out very beautiful and shiny like you’ve just had a manicure done. I’ve recently gotten the Essie Wedding/Mariage nail polish set which come in four different shades like: She Said yes, Meet The Parents, Got Engaged, and Love Every Minute! I personally love: She Said Yes and Meet The Parents both of those colors complement each other and my skin beautifully. Plus the package is very cute.

Down below are some images of the ESSIE nail set.


Yoki Shoes

I so happen to be shopping when I stumbled upon these adorable flats by Yoki. I was really debating if I should get them or not because I didn’t know if they were me, because I’m usually not the kind of girl to buy shoes like these I like to stick to Vans and Converse. So I went ahead and tried them on and I loved them! They were on sale and we’re to cute not to buy so I just had to get them. I’m really happy with my choice as to which I love them, the color is just gorgeous and they go with almost anything!


You can find the exact pair at

My Summer Makeup Routine!

My Summer Makeup Routine usually consists of very minimum makeup I like to keep my makeup very simple and natural. But for these scorching summer days I keep my makeup light but apply enough to cover my flaws. I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m having bad skin day because we all have them unlike some we weren’t all blessed with clear skin but that’s okay because we are beautiful in our way and we just got to accept our flaws.
To start off my makeup I use my Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer then To cover some of my spots I put some of my NYX concealer in CJ102 Fair Clair. For my foundation I like to use a BB cream during the Summer because it’s lighter than regular foundation and isn’t as sticky. My BB cream is the Rimmel London BB Cream Beauty Balm in Medium/Dark I like this because it lasts all day, I also like to set the Bb Cream with my Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in #018 Creamy Beige which leaves my face looking and feeling AMAZING!!

When I do my brows it’s only to fill them in because I have spots where I’m missing hair, and the kit I like using is my Cameo Dark Perfect Brow kit which is great, then I use my Salon Perfect Brow Grooming Pencil to keep them nice and groomed. When it comes to eyeshadow I will only wear some when there’s a special occasion so I tend not to wear some on a daily basis. For my eyeliner I never wear bottom because it’s just to messy in my opinion so I only wear top eyeliner, I wear my Jordana FabuLiner Liquid Eye Liner in #01 Black which is a felt tip and I just apply a thin line I love it, it lasts all day!! For my Lashes I wear wear my Rimmel London Extra Wow Lash Mascara in #003 Extreme Black it gives me a very voluminous affect which is always great.
Last but not least my lips for my lips I don’t like very bold colors so I keep it simple so I wear my Maybelline New York Baby Lips in #80 Berry Bomb and somedays I wear my Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss in Strawberry Fizz and both have a very delicious smell to them I always find them tempting not to eat then I’m like they are not edible no!:)

So that sums up my Summer Makeup Routine Hope You Like!!:)